U-disc TWISTER 16 GB

A 16 GB U-Disc with additional micro USB connector. After connecting the flash drive to a compatible device (a phone or a tablet with OTG function and a micro USB port) you can transfer any files from your phone to the U-Disc and vice versa. Both connectors (USB and micro USB) are Plug and Play, USB 2.0 compatible. A logo is engraved on a metal surface. USB standard: 2.0. Writing speed: 7.5 MB/s; reading speed: 22 MB/s. The USB flash drive has a manufacturer’s warranty for the period 5 years.Suggested packaging: 44502, 44508.

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Mõõdud72 x 19 x 10 mm
VärvMust, Sinine
Materjalmetall, plastik

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