Selfie pulk SELFIE MINI

The SELFIE MINI telescopic handle allows you to take pictures without touching your phone – thanks to the built-in cable with a mini jack plug. Small and foldable SELFIE MINI will easily fit in a backpack or bag. The size of the holder makes it perfect for phones with a width of 6 to 7.5 cm. Compatible with iOS 5.0 (or higher) and Android OS 4.0 (or higher, that is most telephone models).WARNING! The shutter button located on the stick is not compatible with all Android phones available on the market. If the function does not work:1. Check the settings of the default camera application for volume key options (names may vary depending on the software). If these settings are available, set the volume key to ‘take a picture’ or ‘shutter’ (depending on software). 2. If the camera app does not provide settings for the volume keys, download the Selfishop Camera app from the Play Store, which will allow you to take pictures using the stick shutter.

al. 2,05 + KM


Pakendwhite box
Mõõdudlength: min. 150, max. 515 x 50 mm, length: min. 155, max. 515 x 50 mm
VärvMust, Punane, Valge
Materjalmetall, plastik, silikoon

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