Reisipudelite komplekt OLANNA

OLANNA is a set of practical travel containers packed in transparent toilet bag. The set includes two silicone 89 ml containers. Each of them has a suction cup that allows to place the container on the vertical or horizontal surface. The container has a clever nut with names of liquids that can be poured into containers. Thanks to the special position of the nut, you will always know what is inside. The kit is ideal for travelling with carry-on baggage.Note:In order to change the name of the liquid, it is needed to take off the white cap and by turning its inner part, choose selected name of the contents.

al. 6,95 + KM


Mõõdud110 x 150 x 45 mm (set) 55 x 125 x 40 mm (one container)
Materjalplastik, silikoon

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