Mapp akupangaga 5000 mAh and wireless charger SENA

The SENA portfolio with a power bank and an induction charger is an innovative product.It is very spacious and comfortable to use. Inside, there is a notebook, bookmarks for business cards, a place for a pen, and an innovative 5000 mAh power bank enabling wireless charging of the phone. There is a special place for the phone on the cover of the portfolio. The set also includes a charging cable for power banks or phones that do not have the function of wireless charging.The cover is made of polyester, in a universal grey colour. NOTE: Please wait approx. 1 min after connecting the device in order to stabilize the electromagnetic field.

al. 50,98 + KM


Pakendblack cardboard box
Mõõdud192 x 243 x 30 mm
Materjalpaber, polüester

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