AOC golf mini vihmavari Jumbomagic Windfighter

Extremely sturdy automatic open/close golf mini umbrella for two people

Convenient automatic open/close function for a quick opening and closing, high-quality windproof-system with extremely flexible FARE®-FlexBar plastic ribs for a higher flexibility and stability in windy conditions, water and dirt-repellent cover properties through original Teflon™ fabric protector, Soft-Touch handle with integrated push-button and promotional labelling option, convenient sleeve with mesh insert and practical drawcord, large, accommodating diameter

al. 27,11 + KM


Kiilude arv8
Raam3 osa
Diameeter124 cm
Pikkus suletuna34 cm
Raami materjalTeras
Vari100% Polüester pongee

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