AC golf vihmavari Fibermatic XL Square

Eye catching automatic golf umbrella for two people with square cover design

Convenient automatic function for quick opening, high-quality windproof system for maximum frame flexibility in stormy conditions, flexible fibreglass ribs, sturdy fibreglass shaft, high-quality Ripstop nylon cover with water and dirt repellent properties through original Teflon™ fabric protector, hand friendly soft handle with integrated push button and promotional labelling option, convenient carry case with shoulder strap, large, accommodating diameter

al. 23,61 + KM


Kiilude arv8
Käepideme ⌀14 mm
Laius111 cm
Pikkus suletuna100,50 cm
Raami materjalKlaaskiud
Vari100% Ripstop-Nailon
Sügavus111 cm

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