Bluetooth / wireless kõlar TRAP

TRAP speaker allows listening to music wirelessly anywhere! High power of the speaker ensures excellent sound quality, and its multiple features make the gadget extremely practical. Apart from playing music wirelessly, the speaker operates micro SD cards, AUX cable connection and it has a built-in FM tuner. The speaker can be also used as a speakerphone. The product is compliant with relevant directives of the European Union and it has the CE mark. Technical data: – output power: 5 W, – range: up to 10m, – input: 5 V, – battery capacity: 400 mA – working time at half volume ca. 3 hours, bluetooth version 4.2

al. 12,85 + KM


Pakendcolor box
Mõõdud109 x 53 x 39 mm
VärvHelesinine, Orange, Valge
Materjalmetall, plastik

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